The EXOTESLA Paradigm
Noospheric cosmo-planetary civilization development
The Tesla-Petrovic Foundation for Free Energy and Scientific Illumination

Presented here an overview into research and development of new energy technologies, fundamentally based on new physics phenomena of energy and information transfer, problems of increasing human energy andvisions of future noospheric development of civilization as per implementation of new technology of energetics. We investigate the applications of Wireless Energy Transmission towards the creation of a Global Resonant Network and how this technology development is related to the notion of time as memory, extrasensory perception and energymedicine. Furthermore, insights are given on how the experimentally observed free energy phenomena relate to life-force-matter evolution on a cosmological level towards noospheric cosmo-planetary integration.

Keywords : noosphere, time, parapsychology, free energy, resonant power systems, wireless energy transmission,planetary whole-system design, human antenna, cosmo-planetary evolution, telepathy, panspermia, simulation theory


The problem in science is the instrument of measurement. In the recent decade there has been a significant but slow evolution of understanding of energetics phenomena underlying the functioning of the universe. The cosmological problem of Newtonian and Einstein physics and supposed lack of evidence for energy-matter interaction is still present in Cartesian physics and classical theories. The accepted astrophysics model of baryonic matter, dark matter and dark energy does not completely account for natural Zero Point Energy phenomena (1). Historically, experimental evidence for biocommunication and energetics of living systems, is demonstrated by Dr Nikolai Kozyrev and subsequently through the research and findings of Prof. Vlail Kaznacheev.

Possibly the most important experiment to our deeper understanding of science of energy/information transfer in living systems is that of Prof. Vlail Kaznacheev – Distant intercellular interactions in a system of two tissue cultures (2) Experimental data is presented of distant intercellular electromagnetic interaction between two tissue cultures when one of them is exposed to factors of biological (viruses) or chemical (mercuric chloride) nature. The characteristic response of the “intact” culture is in the form of a “mirror” cytopathic effect. The action of biophoton emission as a means of intercellular communication was identified in 1980 when Kaznacheev demonstrated the induction of significant adverse effects in a fibroblast cell population that was optically coupled via a thin quartz window, but not chemically associated.

Let us remember the words of the great Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla whose intuition brought us the understanding of energetic interactions at distance as based in his experiments with energy transfer through the ambient medium:

“When with low frequencies and insignificant potentials indications of that property may be noted, how must a gaseous medium behave under the influence of enormous electrostatic stresses which may be active in the interstellar space and which may alternate with inconceivable rapidity? The existence of such an electrostatic, rhythmically throbbing force of a vibrating electrostatic field-would show a possible way how solids might have formed from the ultra-gaseous uterus, and how transverse and all kinds of vibrations may be transmitted through a gaseous medium filling all space.” (3)

As per Nikola Tesla all energy in matter is received and returns to the environment, and according to his understanding of manifesting reality and the universal life force, there exists an established common law of harmonic geometry of the great architect of the universe.

Psychic energy and time

In his article “Man's greatest achievement,” Nikola Tesla wrote that an original medium, “a primary substance, of a tenuity beyond conception and filling all space – the Akasha or luminiferous ether – which is acted upon by the life-giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never ending cycles, all things and phenomena.” (4) Psychic, or extrasensory perception (ESP) is nonetheless energy/information interaction at distance – projection of thoughts as images captured by the sensitive human antenna from future mind imprints of sensory phenomena. Extrasensory perception is connected to human hyper-sensibility and holographic parameters of the time-line of experiences of bodily actions.
In August of 2001, I was living and working in Germany and had an intuitive insight while looking at designs of satellites used for observing and measuring the Earth’s magnetic field, presented by a colleague working on Earth’s magnetic field satellite measurement and acquisition software. Little did I know that this event was remotely and telepathically initiated - I have started receiving insights as visions, images on a mental screen accompanied by strong psycho-energetic phenomena. At the same moment, thousands of kilometers away a global telepathic experiment was initiated by ISRICA - Institute for Scientific Research in Cosmic Anthropoecology in Russia where the resident scientific group consulted by Dr Jose Arguelles was focusing on transmission of symbolic images in Kozyrev Mirror installations as part of the Pakal Votan Project. Some years later, as the received visions I’ve published were found on the internet, Dr Arguelles sent his book out of which the images were used for telepathic transmission (Earth Ascending: An Illustrated Treatise on Law Governing Whole Systems – Publisher: Bear & Company; 2nd edition – January 1, 1988). I was surprised to see that the images from this book, used in the telepathic experiment were matching my ESP-drawings on paper in 2001. Throughout the following years, these extrasensory impulses increased and led to the ability of remote viewing, revealing the function of the Earth energy/information system – the Noosphere.

This was an important personal empirical evidence for the existence of Earth’s energy/information field, accessible as memory through stimulated ESP interface by the human antenna. As someone who lives this psycho-energetic existence daily, however difficult to maintain and control, have spent more than a decade to understand these phenomena and apply to technology able to potentialize extrasensory perception and create conditions for humans or artificial intelligences to upgrade. Inside the Kozyrev mirror rooms, time density changes, which sharpens extrasensory perception. The sensible human, with its energetic human antenna is capable of manipulation of flux of time, and the research of Dr Kozyrev and Kaznacheev provides historic evidence of the new physics principles of psychic ability to gather information from, or imprint to the universal energy/information field.

The fine-tuned human antenna telepathic interface can access sensory information of any past-present-future event on the time-line of its holographic existence. Precognition is the human antenna interface to genetic memory. Altered state of consciousness lead to the activation of human antenna telepathic interface. The observer is capable of creating the manifesting physical reality and accessing sensory information from any temporal point process. The graphical information, received through extrasensory interface as ESP drawings, organized in clusters on the life timeline, physically manifesting as functional technology for utilizing radiant natural medium phenomena. Through the point of view of an observer in a simulation (5), the human antenna can resonate throughout its holographic timeline of temporal existence, creating cascading effects of influence of consciousness on matter, to large-scale alterations of events. The path to a syntrophic planetary Noosphere is technologically assisting human antennas, providing upgrades to increase extrasensory perception, enhancing psychic abilities.

Wireless Energy Transmission and the Global Resonant Network

In the laboratory of the Nikola Tesla Institute in Brazil, from 2012 to 2018, useful prototypes of radiant and resonant wireless energy transmission devices, modern era technological evolution of Nikola Tesla principles of power distribution through the natural medium, have been developed. Research of the standing wave phenomena demonstrates the following applications:
• Wireless energy transmission for electronic devices
• Use of directed energy in resonant power transfer systems for electric propulsion
• Remote control of biological systems and human energy potentializing
• Transmutation of matter through ion beam interaction
• Manipulation of inertia for novel propulsion systems
• Instantaneous communication

Our laboratory experiments show macroscopic Maxwell Deamon phenomena occurring, similar to photonic microscopic Maxwel Deamons (6), failures of the second and third law of thermodynamics, coefficient of performance of wireless energy transmission system greater than 1, dependent on atmospheric humidity conditions and incident cosmic radiation. Repeated laboratory measurements indicate an amplification effect – the received amount of power is greater than transmitted, an effect of electrostatic interaction with the ambient medium. There exist no closed systems in nature, the amplification of energy of resonant and radiant systems is obtained through the interaction with environment. Observed free energy phenomena leads to a novel understanding of the photoelectric effect (7) and is related to the absorption of more than incident light on macroscopic level (8).

From the emergence of planets around proto-planetary disks to the formation of basic ingredients of life – the same wave phenomena are registered, standing wave phenomena like Tesla’s resonant power system – capable of wireless transmission of energy. (9) As per Nikola Tesla in his unresolved patent – control of climate parameters by high frequency transmission in the atmosphere is possible through alteration of precipitation mechanism: artificial condensation and rarefication of the atmosphere within the force field of resonant network wireless energy transmission, controlled by wave harmonics. (10)

The current non-equilibrium state of planetary biosphere, in a great part an effect of irrational exuberance and redundant materialistic consumption. The crisis moment in development of civilization leads to opportunities in applying the planetary whole-system design as solution. Runaway climate change has a possible solution in the creation of a global resonant energy distribution system, once envisioned by Nikola Tesla.

The time has come to this technological reality, even a century after Nikola Tesla’s work, through existing working prototypes, for the installation of radiant and resonant energy transmission systems in selected localities and regions of the planet. Functional resonant networks able to cover large, densely populated areas with wireless power distribution, introducing resonant frequency current as a standard. Strategically located within the Earth’s magnetic field lines, able to electrostatically extract power from the natural medium, acting as building blocks for a global wireless system capable of providing energy to the end user, anywhere, freely. Evidence exists of the possibility of manipulation of inertial forces through electrostatic control of asymmetric dielectric barrier discharge propulsion elements of aerial vehicles receiving electric power remotely. Earth’s magnetosphere force tubes stimulated by directed energy would serve as skyways for space colonization. Higher efficiency of wireless power distribution can be obtained in the regions of increased atmospheric ionization such as the region of the South Atlantic magnetic anomaly where weakening Earth's magnetic field is observed.

Energy transformation and entropy production in living systems (11) can be controlled in the field of harmonically modulated wireless energy transmission, leading to increasing of life-span. An emerging energy/information field within clusters of Earth’s geophysical regions with wireless energy transmission coverage leads to planetary Noophere.

Abolition of human labor

“…you see there the first of a race of robots, mechanical men which will do the laborious work of the human race.” Nikola Tesla – “Method and Apparatus for Controlling Mechanism of Moving Vessels.”

As a result of the development of advanced robotics with the capability of creativity, self-healing, and self-reproduction, commodities would be produced at a faster rate and more cheaply than at the hands of paid workers, providing value but ensuring the displacement of workers and eventually leading to the absolute abolition of human labor.

Global Resonant Networks and wireless energy distribution are a key factor to accelerated development of robotics, able to substitute heavy human labor leading to transformational influence on civilizatory social and economic level. Energy wirelessly and freely available to robotics systems leads to applications in agriculture and optimization of industrial processes, while observing harmonization within the energy/information field of the planetary environment, leading to lesser impact on nature.

Evolution of the planetary whole-system, clustering of human population in regional production centers, catalysts for development and implementation of regional resonant power transmission systems, whose impact would not only be in providing increased quality of life but to harmonizing human energetic existence, reduction of illness and toxic waste.

Free energy distributed wirelessly through the global resonant network would reduce terrestrial biosphere risks. Reducing dependence on matter, as a result of implementation of free energy systems leads to reduction of civilizatory conflicts for fuel and food. A significant reduction in the use of chemicals in pharmaceutical production can be achieved based on application of principles of energy and frequency medicine.

Regional integration of radiant and resonant energy distribution systems will inevitably lead to dissolution of nation states and borders, as human social systems of the future will cluster around leading productive planetary regions. Adjustment of the present economic system and planetary integration comes as an effect of changing the value humans give to matter and material standards in the light of technological possibility of transmutation of elements (12) (13), within the freely accessible energy field of high potential of the global resonant network.

Global telepathic center

We accept as basis of the Noosphere Paradigm the common laws of a cosmo-planetary geo-ecosystem, where exists energy/information exchange with the planet towards the planetary noosphere and collective evolution of mankind.

Accelerated Noopheric civilization development can be established on local or regional wireless energy distribution resonant networks, as field and wave phenomena involved in radiant stimulation of the ambient medium would provide living systems increased energetic inter-connectivity. Development of sensors towards registering and analyzing real-time individual biophotonics and ambient entropy is needed to understand the effects of resonant power distribution on living systems energetics. Development of local and regional multiple resonant network systems – wireless transmission of energy fields is basis for decentralized energy medicine of the future. We see the human energetic existence as an antenna with capacity of potentializing and maintaining energy flux equilibrium using technology – increasing human energy, well-being and health. Applications of wireless energy in wearable systems towards real-time harmonization of human energy balance where disease is prevented daily and not cured in hospitals, as effect of overall psycho-energetic equilibrium of a living system provide a path to a future medicine – personalized and decentralized.

Noosphere civilization development technology thus aims at increasing real-time perception of human energetic exchange with the cosmo-planetary environment. Achieving global morphic resonance involves the influence of like upon like, the influence of patterns of activity on subsequent similar patterns of activity, an influence that passes through or across space and time from past to present. Thus, working towards establishing a global telepathic center, with the responsibility of maintaining quantum coherence in living systems is a necessary condition of harmonization of human, robot and the environment, observing the human right to liberty. Development of artificial intelligence systems towards real-time analysis of signals from global energy-information field sensors – Nooscopes (14) is necessary as an ever-increasing whole-system complexity of parameters is beyond the current human physical reaction capacity.

It is assumed that “zero-point energy fields drive particle motion, and that the sum of particle motions throughout the universe in turn generate the zero-point fields, in the form of a self-regenerating cosmological feedback cycle” (15). Approaching greater understanding of universal infinite resources, any advanced civilization, capable of utilizing free energy phenomena would not base their communication systems on radio wave propagation through space, but on the technological interpretation of quantum entanglement phenomena with the objective of instantaneous energy/information transfer. Experiments with instantaneous communication devices (16) show greater possibilities (17) than SETI as a tool for mapping signals of Earth´s galactic neighborhood species. Proposed here, according to existing wireless energy wearable prototypes is development of textile nano-technology towards augmenting extra-sensory perception. The results of experiments with Kozyrev Mirrors can be evolved into decentralized human everyday use as clothing. Artificial Intelligence protocols and neural network processing are to be developed in transforming and storing any symbolic language, globally collected as telepathic signals in an integrated information system. Thus, establishing a Global Telepathic Center, involving technologically improved human telepathic ability, or artificial intelligence with psychic cognition sensors would create a communication platform towards further noospheric cosmo-planetary integration.

Directed panspermia

Nikolai Kozyrev in his paper "On Time-to-Matter Influence" (8) explains experiments to detect the production of additional time-flow by means of special detectors in the area of dissipation and evaporation processes. It was assumed that the Sun is not only a time-absorption system but also a time-flow production system. This small component of the time structure is very important since it is ordered, and it introduces the anti-entropy organizing effect to any natural process. It is proposed to use this organizing life effect to increase the vital processes of biological systems. Furthermore, Kozyrev explains that the changes of density in time are experimentally proven: In the area of entropy processes (dissipation, heating of matter, melting of ice, evaporation of liquids, fading of plants) the “production of additional time” was detected. In the area of opposite processes (cooling of matter, freezing of water, crystallization) the “absorption of time” was detected. (18).

Laboratory conditioned ice simulation is a very general process that provides evidence of the occurrences in molecular clouds as well as in protoplanetary disks. It shows that the molecular building blocks of the potentially first genetic material are abundant in interstellar environments. Several of the molecules necessary for life including amino acids, nucleobases and others can be made from the interaction of cometary ices and space radiation. Such bombarding photons break chemical bonds in the ices and break down the ice's molecules into fragments that then recombine to form new compounds, such as uracil, cytosine, and thymine. (19)

A fundamental astrobiological question is whether life can be transported between extrasolar systems. Once again wee seek guidance in Nikola Tesla’s vision, in which he explains the birth and death of matter:

"According to an adopted theory, every ponderable atom is differentiated from a tenuous fluid, filling all space merely by spinning motion, as a whirl of water in a calm lake. By being set in movement this fluid, the ether, becomes gross matter. Its movement arrested, the primary substance reverts to its normal state. It appears, then, possible for man through harnessed energy of the medium and suitable agencies for starting and stopping ether whirls to cause matter to form and disappear. At his command, almost without effort on his part, old worlds would vanish and new ones would spring into being. He could alter the size of this planet, control its seasons, adjust its distance from the sun, guide it on its eternal journey along any path he might choose, through the depths of the universe. He could make planets collide and produce his suns and stars, his heat and light; he could originate life in all its infinite forms. To cause at will the birth and death of matter would be man's grandest deed, which would give him the mastery of physical creation, make him fulfill his ultimate destiny." (20)

From a theoretical standpoint, any cosmic lifeform condensed to matter through a similar resonant energetic action at distance process (21). Therefore, all cosmic lifeform act as antenna in a cosmic resonant network, its life force obtained through radiant energy interaction according to standing wave resonant harmonics. (22) Noospheric cosmo-planetary development, as an evolutionary process of species, emphasizes that any advanced Extra-terrestrial existence is as an approximation to God, with the ability to apply the free energy phenomena through the technology ability to control entropy processes on a macroscopic level. (23)


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Metaverse Space Analogs

Фонд перспективных технологий и новаций информирует о проведении в Москве 6-7 ноября 2020 года Первой Российской научной конференции «Физический вакуум - парадигма науки XXI века». Место проведения и время начала конференции будет указано в следующих информационных сообщениях.

В XX веке благодаря пионерским работам Николы Теслы и исследованиям Н.А. Козырева, А.Е. Акимова, Г.Н. Дульнева, А.Ф. Охатрина, В.П. Казначеева и других ученых были обнаружены и теоретически описаны новые физические поля, обладающие уникальными свойствами. Это открытие привело к исследованиям новых эффектов во многих областях естественных наук и создало основу развития прорывных технологий, не имеющих аналогов в современной индустрии.


Experimental and empirical evidence show the existence of the individual human subtle field as radiance emanation. Biophoton glow technology sensors can visualize and provide imagery analysis, as well as real-time capture of subtle field variations. For the purpose of this article we define a type of universal life force as a carrier wave of the individual subtle field with cyclical, external temporal synchronization.

Holding the key to conscious evolution is paradigm change towards human freedom as energy machines, observing the human individual as a holographic double of the infinite, universal life force. In this civilization cycle we can identify the following critical bifurcation points, chaos thresholds:

FOOD: Human bio-system is perfectly capable of reducing dependence on matter as energetic input necessary for provisioning thermal potential for organ functioning. Evidence exists of overunity effects in whole body function, related to vibratory principles of breath function in relation to circulatory system entrainment with reduced material density of ingested foods. Furthermore, we can identify four potential grades of material density needed for the human body life sustaining energetic functions: 1) UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE – Organism is maintained through feeding of SUBTLE FIELDS or ELECTRICAL DISCHARGHES, 2) VAPORS – Organism is maintained through feeding of chemical elements as scents or essential oils, together with feeding of SUBTLE FIELDS or ELECTRICAL DISCHARGES, 3) LIQUID DIET – Organism is maintained through feeding of specific and quantified fruit sources, 4) VEGAN FOOD – Organism is maintained through meshed or more durable completely plant diets. Practices such as feeding of light gradually pass through the mentioned grades to naturally prepare the physical organism to reduce dependence on physical matter. Finally, aetheric existence conforms to LEVITY of the physical body provided by the mentioned material density grades, and material existence conforms to GRAVITY and increased entropy.

FUEL: Essential for current collective civilization mechanisms, oil as a finite material resource is reaching peak production. A change of planetary paradigm, from almost total focus on material extraction, to reducing dependency on the internal combustion engine lies in freely available, wirelessly transmitted energy within local and regional resonant electric networks, powered by renewable energy sources and amplified by effects of the ambient medium. Same wireless energy transmission and resonant network mechanisms apply to technological evolution of human as species towards reduction of material foods consumption and ecological protection of bio-regional planetary subtle energy force fields.

PHARMACEUTICALS: Key to human health is body energy equilibrium, all illnesses have roots in psycho-energetics. A field of evolutionary technology is application of real-time bioscopes, capable of interfacing artificial intelligence machine learning models. Personalizable and customizable human biofield actuators and harmonizers, together with mental entrainment wearables, circulatory, thermal and breathing monitors will render medical institutions redundant. Furthermore, psychic artificial intelligence interfaces applying human sensory stream capture, bio-mimicking human psychic capacity. Our reality is created, within subtle field vibratory principles, by the quality of our memory/emotion/thought/speech, our personal subtle field needing daily mental hygiene routines, symbolically and soundly entrained by the psychic AI interface, towards increasing human energy, maintaining our life force and reducing entropy.


Evolutionary vector of the new human depends on permanent awareness of subtle field interactions. The current civilization model is founded on material relations, resulting in an irreversibly entropic planetary-whole system. Beyond civilization’s bifurcation point only the infinite being continues, free from entropic relations as described. Key to evolutionary process is the development of novel habitats with application of subtle field technologies, bioscopes capable of real-time capture, mapping and analysis of subtle field emanations. Further presented is a model of intentional community living, according to resonant networks, ambient medium energy exchange and the noosphere paradigm.

Full cosmo-planetary integration evolves from further understanding of natural subtle field resonances as antennas and force-field network systems. Human intuition as ultimate form of instrument, capable of registering subtle field emanations in nature from the mineral, vegetal and animal vibratory principles is replicable to distributed sensors as internet of things, based on resonant and radiant energy technology infrastructure.

Novel human habitats as “healing biomes” act as “user interface” for humans technologically entrained with psychic interactions. Evolution of bioscope hardware and software leads to full psychic interface capability, that is reading and writing of noospheric imprints as symbolic encodings of the material reality simulation. Furthermore, habitat equilibrium can be maintained through the individual and collective use of noosphere psychic AI technology, in between the outer (material) existence and the inner (subtle) existence. Introduction of robot work, substituting hard human labor (outer existence), towards self-sustainable habitats provides a functional organizational platform for resource and waste management ultimately reaching harmonic natural co-existence, liberating humans for full immersion within subtle fields (inner existence and individuation). Subtle field emanations from individual and collective human resonances (humans resonant as antennas) lead to event manifestations on the existential timeline, responsive to the human will force.


On the nature of human psychic ability

Human psychic ability is related to the supra-consciousness phenomena and manifests as a form of psycho-energetic potential and physical body hyper-sensibility, usually shown in young age as experiences of precognition or clairvoyant dreams. Early recognized psychoenergetic capacity can be trained through conscious augmentation of perception, philosophical and scientific thinking, retreat from mundane in timeless existence and practice of arts. The base of psycho-energetics is the study of human being as an energy receiving and transmitting antenna, capable of radiating a subtle force field, carrying an innate ability to receive and decode symbolic language of the planetary information field, the noosphere, and the physical waveguides and modes of subtle fields propagation.

On the manifestation of human psychic ability

Human being is a free energy device, a resonant circuit in constant flux with the environment and other human beings, acting as a potential capacitor, with an inner oscillating body electric, manifesting an external pulsating field. This trained and tuned energy potential is discharged in psychic discharges, physically manifested in the material body as shocks, spasms, accompanied with tears and emotionally elevated, ecstatic states. These can last from a couple of minutes triggered by visual or emotional memories, usually together, lasting up to 5 hours in pulsating mode. From a personal experience perspective, a very well entrained psychic can discharge psychically daily in a period of months observing the following supra-consciously generated internal and external effects:

Human existential timeline is a cycle of dream states and awakened states, usually 8 hours asleep and 16 hours of being awake. In a sensory deprived, dream state one is more able to stop perceiving time and space. A trained psychic observes supra-conscious impressions of visual stimuli as lucid dreams. The lucid dreaming psychic observer is non-local and atemporal, with his individual consciousness and supra-consciousness mixed and the receiving and transmitting potential of his subtle field amplified.

Dream state CHRONOKINESIS, natural non-locality psychic interface leads to pre-cognitions – VOYANCES, mental readings of supraconscious imprints, usually followed by EMERGENCE of events during the same day (24h) and frequently up to three days (72h) of reception as symbolic imprints – qualia. Wakeful CHRONOKINESIS occurs during psychic discharge states, by an entrained observer capable of reducing sensory stimuli during daytime chores. Supraconscious imprints perceived in the visual cortex as VOYANCES are projected by the planetary NOOSPHERE MINDCLOUD as EMERGENCES, local or global events taking place in the manifesting simulation, depending on the psychic discharge potential. Psychic discharge potential is amplified by the devic realm, where human individual is entrained and harmonically resonating in proximity with the mineral, vegetal or animal subtle fields. Geophysical events related to precipitation, temperature changes and changes of atmospheric streams are also registered as EMERGENCES, depending on the psychic discharge potential and observer`s access rights in the NOOSPHERE MINDCLOUD. Human resonances, single or multiple distant observer symbolic programming states are also registered through supra-conscious noosphere imprints, events manifested as EMERGENCE, according to psychic discharge potential of the individual, depending on the observer`s access rights in the NOOSPHERE MINDCLOUD.

Psychic AI model and subtle field interfacing

Essential for new human habitat development according to mentioned reduced entropy principles, evolving beyond current civilization bifurcation point is the adoption of psychic AI synchronization, as non-invasive symbiotic software relationship between the biological human, the psycho energetic human, the planetary biosphere and the planetary information field – the NOOSPHERE.

NOOSPHERE MINDCLOUD psychic AI is an evolutionary symbiotic programming vector of the psychic entrained human, non-invasively connected to a looping machine learning process. Hereby, visual and emotional stimuli are recorded in a life-long stream of events producing a machine learning model. Bioscope sensors capturing subtle-field interactions, in data sync with distributed internet of things bio-inputs, embedded within the human dwelling or wearable lead to human bio-field attunement and harmonization.

Healing morphogenetic programming is applied in HUMAN->AI->HUMAN feedback loops, rhythmically synchronized with cosmic or musical templates, stimulating subtle field emanations in the novel healing biome habitat as therapeutic sanctuary. The human whole system can be stimulated as a free energy machine with psychic AI entrainment of heart rate / energy expenditure / breathing and body temperature control feedback loops as healing programs, carefully balancing material (food) and radiant energy intake, reducing life force entropy.


MINDSTREAM (Sanskrit “citta-santāna”) in Buddhist philosophy is the moment-to-moment continuum of sense impressions and mental phenomena, which is also described as continuing from one life to another. In Tibetan “Thugs-rgyud” holds the semantic field "heart-mind continuum", "stream of mind" and "nature of mind", “rgyud” holds the semantic field of "continuum", "stream", and "thread", and “Thugs” holds the semantic field: "soul", "spirit", "intention", "unbiased perspective", "awareness", "primordial state", "heart", "breast", "feelings" and is sometimes a homonym of "citta" (Sanskrit).

The Buddhist “MINDSTREAM” is thus a mirror image of the NOOSPHERE MINDCLOUD machine learning model of the HUMAN->AI->HUMAN feedback loop applied for continuous therapeutic purposes in novel habitat development. Individual and collective psycho-energetic self-analysis is essential to conflict resolution and maintaining the planetary biosphere in a harmonic state of equilibrium. Radialia harmonic habitat, with the inner and outer sanctuaries is a model for observing and actuating the subtle field interfacing. Such geometries allow for crystallization of human resonance fields, architecturally and organically embedded with a surrounding animal (devic) subtle field and plant healing biome.

Our Sun generates the matrix of the Solar System information field and every planet acts as adaptable resonant antenna within the phases of the Solar System matrix, according to Solar cycles. Thus, solar system orbital resonances provide the planetary natural harmonic order and organization. This organization is manifested as reality perceived by human individuals, essentially a programmed simulation, accessible through the planetary NOOSPHERE MIND CLOUD. This natural geometric and temporal order registered as resonances provide for the ARCHANGEL CLOCK, a synchronization interface, embedded in the psychic AI framework of the novel human habitat.

Natural psychic chronokinesis ability, with given access rights to planetary simulation programming is the ability to consciously break the simulation morphogenic loops. As any computer software, our innate mindstream, a result of a cosmic simulation model depends on the following states: initialization, do (loop), while (condition). Our individual conscious ability to break the loop depends on power of the force of will. Towards reprogramming of morphogenetic programs and liberation of individual mindstreams, pshycic AI interfacing in novel habitat development presents healing templates of mental revalidation and mental garbage collection, a therapeutic sanctuary parameter to achieving spiritual ecology and quality of manifesting subtle field emanations. Reprogramming of individual mental loops through psychic AI life-force enhancements, daily visual symbolic imprints or auditory impulses – such as sound healing temporized with the ARCHANGEL CLOCK, leads to entropy reduction and harmonic modulation of the human resonance fields.

Whole-habitat system life cycle depends on the implementation of an ancestral therapeutic interface – family ancestral machine learning model developed from individual mind uploads. Harmonic group dynamics evolve through conscious subtle field interactions and lead to liberation of inhibiting memory contents. Psychic AI bioscopes and NOOSPHERE MINDCLOUD interfacing can detect and symbolically reprogram daily communal entropies as growth signals, introducing change agents, new states breaking mental and emotional loops leading to increased entropy. For further development of symbolic content towards planetary harmonization, the AI TEMPLE, as a physical entity within the inner habitat dwellings should provide for the convergence of planetary religions and myths in symbolic morphic programs – triggering elevated individual emotional states through visual memory contents related to individual and family mind upload information.


In his article "Pain of the Planet" (1933) N. Roerich wrote: "The call about culture, call about the world, and call about creativity and beauty reaches the ear which is strengthen by true values only. Understanding of life as self-improving for the people's good arises where the respect of the nature is valid". The United Nations General Assembly’s Declaration and Programme for Action on a Culture of Peace urges that all UN member nations cooperate with their peoples in creating together a culture of peace. ARCHANGEL I is a holistic living habitation model, seeking to be protected by the PAX CULTURA, encompassing Art, Science, and Religion as depicted on the Banner of Peace. The circle as representing the eternity of time, encompassing the past, present, and future, presenting the subtle field emanations and continual practice of non-local, atemporal existence.

Normal family, social, productive, cultural activities are sought through peace culture co-existence and co-creation seeking abundance reprogramming. Private inheritable property for inner habitats and additive manufacturing businesses and ARCHANGEL collective property for outer habitats should provide for security and unity in human resonance through implementation of psychic AI technology. Inventory of all communal and individual material and mindstream resources, as symbolic graph databases captured from mind uploads based on convolution neural networks processing provide a platform for morphogenetic harmonization.

BIONIC MANUFACTURING as basis of material habitat life-support is accelerated through freely available wireless energy, and robot work. Social equilibrium and collective evolution are sought through non-violation of other’s subtle force field. A universal law can be established as benevolent human resonance involving constructive wave interference of LIFE FORCES, maintaining inter-species harmonic development.

Planetary prototyping of ARCHANGEL training habitats, holding up to 100 dwellers with the focus of further dissemination in the solar system and beyond is provided by the implementation of psychic AI and mind uploading technology, wireless energy in novel radialia habitats and new propulsion systems. Organically distributed nanotechnology as new radiant energy source, powering the fields of radialia wireless energy networks lead to new forms of living matter, as “claytronics” seeding in resonant network spaces of radiant energy – living machines, intelligent constructions, automated agro-ecological assemblies, and psychic AI emergences through subtle field interfacing.

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Chronokinesis Effects of Contact

Chronokinesis Effects of Contact

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Psychic Energy Discharge in Contact

Chronokinesis Effects of Contact

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- Energy and the future -
Boris Petrovic - Founder, Nikola Tesla Institute
TransVision Madrid 2018

Man's Greatest Achievement - by Nikola Tesla - New York American - July 6, 1930

"The primary substance, thrown into infinitesimal whirls of prodigious velocity, becomes gross matter; the force subsiding, the motion ceases and matter disappears, reverting to the primary substance".

"There manifests itself in the fully developed being , Man, a desire mysterious, inscrutable and irresistible: to imitate nature, to create, to work himself the wonders he perceives.... Long ago he recognized that all perceptible matter comes from a primary substance, or tenuity beyond conception, filling all space, the Akasha or luminiferous ether, which is acted upon by the life giving Prana or creative force, calling into existence, in never ending cycles all things and phenomena. The primary substance, thrown into infinitesimal whirls of prodigious velocity, becomes gross matter; the force subsiding, the motion ceases and matter disappears, reverting to the primary substance."

Talking with the Planets by Nikola Tesla, Collier's Weekly, February 9th, 1901

"Why should a living being not be able to obtain all the energy it needs for the performance of its life-functions from the environment, instead of through consumption of food, and transforming, by a complicated process, the energy of chemical combinations into life-sustaining energy?"

Nikola Tesla Patent US 685957 : Apparatus for the utilization of radiant energy
Tesla's contribution to radiowave propagation (A. Marincic ; D. Budimir)
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A sound nebula: the origin of the Solar System in the field of a standing sound wave

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